German Design Award Special 2016
  1. Carbon Cords

    provides maximum stability and strength.

  2. Twice the power

    doubles the power capacity over standard high torque timing belts.

  3. Application engineered cover

    reduces wear and running noise.

  4. Reduces drive size

    twice the power capacity reduces the belt size needed.

  5. Standardized tooth profile

    for smooth power transfer and compatible with ZRS DC, CTD and PC profiles.

  6. Smooth belt backside

    superior backside tension idler performance and can further reduce drive size.

  7. Unrivalled impact strength

    due to the combination of the semi-rigid polyurethane and strength of the carbon cords.

  8. Resistant to adverse conditions

    cast polyurethane – operating temperatures of approx. -30 °C to +80 °C.

  9. High level of reliability

    cover and semi-rigid polyurethane materials are offer increased resistance to oil, chemicals, ozone and more.